Pressure Tanks: zinc-coated
(volume 100l - 2000l)


Multistage pumps
type SKSb and SKM

pressure booster sets

Automatic membrane pressure booster sets
(volume 24l - 200l)


The Company founded in 1991 by Wojciech Szewczak and Michał Tarczyński has reached, after several years of healthy growth, the position of a main supplier of equipment for water pumping stations and the leader among manufacturers of water tanks in Poland. Our base products are zinc-coated water tanks (volume: 100 – 2000l) and membrane tanks for pressure booster set (volume: 24 – 500l). The latest technology and graded materials are applied in the manufacturing process of our products, which guarantee long-term, safe and reliable operation and conformity with UE norms.

The professionally maintained production line and matching technical facilities provides capability for designing and manufacturing of non-standard, customised pressure tanks.

With water tanks as our flagship product, for the several years we have provided an extended range of pressure booster sets in various configurations. Self-priming SK-type pumps with a fail-safe, extended service life (manufactured and developed from the very first year we’ve been in business) have a good reputation amongst the customers.

Successful market presence relies on more than just a high-standard product; it also means best add-on accessories and product modularity to combine it into desirable systems. Since 1998, Wimest is a direct distributor of deep-well pumps, pressure pumps, submersible pumps, pressure switches and rubber bags for membrane tanks. We also manufacture central heating boilers, hot water cylinders and collecting vessels for open central heating systems.

Our products are available at over 60 wholesalers and 400 retail outlets throughout . Our clients buy with confidence, aware that they purchase high-quality goods coming from a marker-leader at the forefront of the industry.