Pressure Tanks: zinc-coated
(volume 100l - 2000l)


Multistage pumps
type SKSb and SKM

pressure booster sets

Automatic membrane pressure booster sets
(volume 24l - 200l)


The water heater is a pressure vessel for heating of water used for consumption and industrial purposes. Depending on water heater design, they are produced in the following versions: for kitchen range and for kitchen range with single coil, in the following volumes: 80, 100, 120 and 150 litres.

All heater types are available with immersion electric heater and thermal insulation.

Product images

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Primary technical parameters

Capacity dm³ 80 100 120 150
Max. pressure bar 6,0 6,0 6,0 6,0
Max. working temperature ºC 95 95 95 95
Recommended working temperature up to ºC 70 70 70 70
Coil power kW 2,7 3,6 4,5 5,6
Electric heater power kW 1,5/2,0 1,5/2,0 1,5/2,0 1,5/2,0
Dimensions DxL mm 406x826 406x931 406x1096 406x1306

Price list

LP. Name Net Gross
1  Water heater – heat exchanger 80dm³, (kitchen stem) 306PLN 376,38PLN
2  Water heater – heat exchanger 100dm³, (kitchen stem) 324PLN 398,52PLN
3  Water heater – heat exchanger 120dm³, (kitchen stem) 356PLN 437,88PLN
4  Water heater – heat exchanger 150dm³, (kitchen stem) 399PLN 490,77PLN
 Water heater – heat exchanger  80dm³, (kitchen stem+ c.o. pipe coil) 356PLN 437,88PLN
 Water heater – heat exchanger 100dm³, (kitchen stem + c.o. pipe coil) 382PLN 469,86PLN
 Water heater – heat exchanger 120dm³, (kitchen stem + c.o. pipe coil) 423PLN 520,29PLN
 Water heater – heat exchanger 150dm³, (kitchen stem + c.o. pipe coil) 471PLN 579,33PLN
 Heater warming 80dm³ 59PLN 72,57PLN
10   Heater warming 100dm³ 64PLN 78,72PLN
11   Heater warming 120dm³ 69PLN 84,87PLN
12   Heater warming 150dm³ 75PLN 92,25PLN
13  Ellectric heater – 1500W 107PLN 131,61PLN
14   Ellectric heater – 2000W 115PLN 141,45PLN
15   Heater grip 35PLN 43,05PLN